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Biometrics for Railroads
Biometrics use in railroads offer rapid return on investment, increased security and improved workflow efficiency. Identity One is an expert in biometric solutions specifically designed for railroads.

The OMA520 is very relevant to the railroads industry because of its robustness and IP65 weather proof rating. For installation locations with harsh environmental conditions the OMA 520 can be supplied with a built in heater for extreme low temperatures. The OMA 520 has a MTTF of over 8 years (75,000 hours) ensuring reliability and ongoing savings long after the initial capital cost has been repaid.

One recent example of a railroads deployment by Identity One was completed in July 2012. Over 250 OMA520’s were deployed across the continental united states in a 6 month period. The solution includes custom browser based enrollment at over 70 locations and deep integration into existing HR and payroll systems. The end result is a seamless and automated solution with a very high return on investment and high user acceptance that is easy to maintain and operate. The first deployment has been such a success that more OMA520’s for time & attendance are planned for deployment in different divisions.

Some railroads are creating a process where at the time a person is inducted their biometric profile is created and stored in a secure biometric authority for use across the enterprise. An employee then has a single biometric record which is distributed for Access Control or Time & Attendance or Compliance applications as demanded by the person’s role. Identity One is a specialist in designing reliable, secure and cost effective enterprise biometric wide solutions.

Applications for biometrics in Railroads include:

• Access Control
• Time & Attendance
• Compliance

Access Control

• Secure maintenance equipment
• Secure high value tools in automated toolbox tracking systems
• Meet and exceed government requirements for FIPS 201 compliance (TWIC & PIV)
• Control access to high risk area’s
• No access card swapping
• Integrates to existing access control deployments as an overlay or in some cases a replacement

Time & Attendance

• Get a feed from the HR system for employee add, edit and delete
• Send clocking’s back to your existing payroll system
• Fully automatic and integrated into your existing workflow
• Fastest return on investment


• Ensure only certified personnel can operate restricted machinery
• Identity confirmation for drug and alcohol testing
• Railroad police law enforcement
Integrating Biometrics into the Enterprise Workshop
Please contact us to schedule a free workshop on recommendations and best practices for integrating biometrics into the enterprise. The typical process takes an hour and you will be working directly with skilled engineers. At the end of the workshop you will understand biometric technology, how easily it can be integrated and have the opportunity to evaluate the technology first hand.

The following biometric products are recommended for use in Railroads

MASigmaExtremeSeries MAVPDual